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It is hackening ! Do you have what it takes to be a HACKSTAR ROCKSTAR? Are you the SOMEBODY who can literally rock anything?! 

We are looking for a Rockstar DevOps Engineer on a freelance basis that will take on multiple responsibilities including enhancing our deployment lifecycle, and introducing ideas and implementations for a more robust deployment system, setting up required infrastructure/configurations that will help our devs and testers,

This means that we’ll need an experienced rockstar, who will have a lot of legroom to figure out the processes and build value in our engineering processes.


  • Setup working environments for our projects as well as tech stack to be utilized by those
  • Maintain working environments, solve issues as they come because of misconfigurations
  • Create a new deployment system for our Frontend development lifecycle
  • Integrate tests into our deployment lifecycle and design procedures that will utilize our tests
  • Work with the testers and deliver solutions and services that will help the testing procedures


  • Knowledge of docker and Kubernetes
  • Good experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role
  • Jenkins knowledge or similar CI/CD tool
  • Experience with Git & deployment automation approach like Github workflow or hooks, performance & monitor evaluation of pipeline services
  • Basic DB knowledge to automate data manipulation
  • System engineer knowledge like Unix knowledge, command shell, setup and configure the new environment, check logs
  • Be a rockstar and team player since communication with multiple parties ( testing, infrastructure, devs )

Great to have

  • Knowledge of deploying javascript projects
  • Laravel experience
  • Knowledge of envoyer
  • Automation skills (Ansible, Terraform, Puppet,Chef)
  • Knowledge of deploying php/composer applications
  • Experience with cloud environments ( ideally Digital Ocean, AWS, GCP)


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