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Community, Hoodies, Backpacks, Online Courses, T-shirts, Mugs and Accessories - Designed by Hackers, for Hackers!


MyHackerTech was founded in 2019 by a small group of hackers, cybersecurity professionals, and tech enthusiasts. The need for talented ethical hackers has been growing year on year as the bad guys get better at breaking into our systems.


We are a part of this growing movement of ethical hackers looking to outsmart the cybercriminals. As the ethical hacking industry has grown, hacking culture has evolved too. This is where we come in. 


We are dedicated to the positive promotion of hacking culture in the form of clothing, accessories, and gadgets for hackers. We hope that by being proud of hacking culture and bravely showing the world you are an ethical hacker, more ethical hackers will be attracted to the industry and we can build a safer world for all of us. 


By buying a MyHackerTech product you're getting something unique, stylish, and made with intent. Plus you're supporting independent hackers, designers, and coders. How dope is that?

All of our products are custom-made and printed locally in the United States, Europe, China


Thanks for being a part of our hacking family!

PS. Since 2019 we have:
1. Designed many tshirts, hoodies, hacker swag  inspired by the hacking community around the world.
2. Bought a Ferrari, been to most hacker events and set up MHT Product Dev HackLab.
3. Stayed Legit _