Interview with Cameron Noakes aka MonoLoyarili
Listen Not all computer geniuses lock themselves up in their parent’s basements like how nerds are often depicted in media. Genius can come in all forms. They can have various hobbies other than comics and computers. Geniuses can also get...
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Ryan’s Hacking Journey
Listen  Here at MHT, we're always interested in hackers and their stories. Ethical hacking is such a varied field that attracts hackers from all corners of the globe and all walks of life.   No two stories are exactly the same and people come...
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Women in Cybersecurity: Interview with Lauren Trujillo
LISTEN Next up in our Stories From Cybersecurity series, we have an interview with Lauren Trujillo, Global Security Alliances Manager at Lumen Technologies (formally CenturyLink) As passionate and outspoken ethical hacking proponents ourselves, we were excited to learn more about...
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