Stories From Cybersecurity: Interview with X3RX3S a.k.a. mindfuckerrrr

Stories From Cybersecurity: Interview with X3RX3S a.k.a. mindfuckerrrr


The TV has long been considered as the idiot box. It’s been known to rot many brains, but there are plenty of educational shows out there. It actually depends on the viewer, what they want to watch. Before there was YouTube, there were documentaries for nerdy types.

And there are other shows that pop up now and then that blow the mind and inspire people like X3RX3S, to pursue a career such as being a white hat hacker. X3RX3S is better known online as @mindfuckerrrr, and is well-known in the community.



It’s shows like Star Trek, Jeopardy and channels like Discovery, the Food Network and National Geographic that really blow the mind. In X3RX3S’s case, it was Vice TV’s Cyberwar and the revolutionary show about hackers, Mr. Robot.


Cyberwar is a TV series about cyber-warfare, its players, its victims, major events, and technologies. While Mr. Robot is an American drama/cyber-thriller series centered on the life of a cybersecurity expert/hacker suffering from clinical depression and social anxiety. The show is lauded for its technical accuracy. Let’s talk to X3RX3S and see how these TV shows inspired him to become a white hat.


What is about Mr. Robot that you like best? Any moment that you think defines the series?


Mr. Robot is awesome and gives a great perspective of what hacking really is about. The attacker side and the victim side are accurate. I think Mr. Robot is not only entertainment because we can learn from it too.


What is it you like about hacking/security the most?


Before I started in this field, I got inspired by an episode of Vice's Cyberwar. It showed that some Russian hackers took down a power grid in Ukraine and I thought this is some next level shxt! So, I watched more and more episodes and it got my interests. From here I started googling and noticed there was a huge hacking community with help and tips from all sides.


I had a background in IT as I worked as technical engineer before so luckily, I did not have to start from the bottom. Within weeks I did a lot of research, installed Kali Linux, joined websites like Tryhackme and it slowly became an obsession. I spend days and nights behind the terminal and noticed I found my passion!


Not that I want to do harm, but overall to show people the dark side of the internet and everything around. Now I'm 3 to 4 years later and got a good level of knowledge, earned respect in this great community, and like to pass it on to others.

As we always say; hacking is not a crime, it's an art!


What skills do you think are important to have to get started in ethical hacking?


You definitely need to know networking. I think more than just basics. Hacking is network and system manipulation. You also need a good knowledge of Linux and its fundamentals, you can't break into a system with just Windows, you need power and Linux is power!


And there's always that discussion if you need to know programming. I think you should at least be able to read code. I am familiar with bash and python, but I don't master it like a true programmer. Let's say I know enough to fully understand what's happening.


What do you think are the biggest cybersecurity threats we are facing right now?


I think the biggest threats we're facing right now is IoT. Everything became "smart" for no reason. A smart Dishwasher, smart microwave, smart vacuum cleaner, smart trees, and bees. We put a Wi-Fi chip in everything, and we don't update it at all.

The biggest botnets are the ones that have IoT devices infected. Unfortunately, people don't know we can break into a network by simply exploiting that smart Wi-Fi lamp that they like so much so they won't have to stand up anymore to turn off the lights.


Do you have any advice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals?


I always say, "Effort and persistence is key". Information is mostly free, it only cost you some time. Invest in your future, trust me it's worth it!


Would you hack my ex's social account?


Sure! sent me $100 google gift card. :-)

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