Stories From Cybersecurity: Follow-up Interview with Jesse a.k.a. Arch4n63l52

Stories From Cybersecurity: Follow-up Interview with Jesse a.k.a. Arch4n63l52

Remember security enthusiast Jesse a.k.a arch4n63l52? Navy man, turned healthcare professional, turned cybersecurity professional. Well, he likes to solve problems, fell in love with the challenges in cybersecurity and knows that passion and discipline are the keys to success. We like to check in once in a while with our fellow enthusiasts and see how they’re doing. Here’s our follow-up interview.


So. What have I been up to since the first interview?


A lot, Recently, I took and passed the eJPT by eLearnSecurity. I will say that I recommend it to anyone looking to get started on pentesting certifications as it is very hands on, and the material is presented in an understandable way. Because of them I have increased my knowledge and interest in C++.


By the way it’s not something covered in the test, so don’t worry too much about it. That prompted me start a few courses in that, I still work a little python here and there as it’s very similar, I would say learning python helped me understand C++ better.


You seem pretty busy. With everything going on, we can’t help but ask how are things are going in healthcare.?


I have recently left healthcare, COVID really burned out what was left in me. I am now a Robotics Operator (U.S title) Grid Support (U.K. title) for Ocado Group. Some of you may know Ocado from the U.K., here in the U.S. they have partnered with a large grocery retailer to provide the automation technology for the Customer Fulfillment Centers, enabling them to be competitive with Amazon Fresh and other delivery services and assisting them to move to a more ecommerce type model. You can thank COVID shutdowns for that. The system is very autonomous, so my job is more monitoring, triaging and first line troubleshooting. Linux and minor programming yay!!


Doesn’t seem related to Cybersecurity. What happened?


Why did I not find a job in cyber security? I applied to several, more like 100 different companies. Most I never heard back, even from a follow up on my part. When I did hear back it was a certification issue, didn’t have the ones they were looking for.


The one time I did make it through to a second interview the company decided to change the responsibilities and requirements for the position there by making me unqualified for it. I finally decided to leave corporate cybersecurity alone and become a bug hunter.


So that’s why you’re busy getting certified. Any bug hunter related projects?


I have done a few private programs with HackerOne and started one with BugCrowd and recently signed up with Intigriti  in Europe. I haven’t been as active as I like since my new career has kept me in training for the past few weeks, but once it settles, I’ll be back to it.


Once you’re done with that, what do you think is next for you?


What’s next for me? Well, I’m still working on my LPIC-1 Linux Admin, although I am leaning towards DevOps these days thanks to C++ and Python. Looking to go back and finish my Electrical Engineering Degree at some point. I might take the PNPT Practical Network Penetration Tester by TCM academy.


Its affordable hands on, and I love the delivery of his content not to mention he covers a large scope of topics others don’t unless you buy another program. I am also looking into malware analysis. I gotten my feet wet a bit and really enjoyed it.


We’re happy with the paths you’re currently taking. This time, what can you tell our aspiring ethical hacking audience?


My final advice, learn everything you can about everything. You never know when those trivial skills might come into play. I’ve always taken the mindset “I’m not studying to pass a test; I’m studying because some day someone’s life may depend on what I know.” That can be literal or figurative, either way it’s your career, future career or well-being that will depend on what you know.

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