Ryan’s Hacking Journey Continues: From Learning to Doing to Helping

Ryan’s Hacking Journey Continues: From Learning to Doing to Helping

Here at MHT, our featured ethical hackers aren’t just one-trick ponies. We check up on them every now and then to see their contributions to society; to let the world know of those contributions and further inspire budding hackers out there, that there is a good future in ethical hacking.

So, we follow-up on one of our previous featured ethical hackers Ryan, aka ParrotAssassin15. And while he has yet to assassinate any birds, he has eliminated plenty of security issues in his new venture.


A Quick Recap


Here’s a quick recap on Ryan. To get the full interview, check it out here.  A man with a curious mind, his curiosity led him to learn abut Linux and hacking from a friend. He’s moved from Debian 9 to Kali and later to Parrot OS, hence the handle.


He then took a liking to hacking and offensive security and has continued to learn all he can through self-learning through books, online schools, and YouTube videos. Let’s see how he’s doing now.


What have you been up to since the last interview?

A lot actually. I passed my EJPT certification by INE and eLearnSecurity in March, I definitely recommend that certification to anyone who is trying to get into cyber security it was a lot of fun and lots of problem solving involved.

I continued to study and further myself in other areas. I took my first attempt at the OSCP and failed. Most likely do to the panic I had when the exam started. I recently opened a Cyber Security Consulting Firm called parrot pentest. And I have been working a lot on that lately.


What are some of the struggles you have overcome since starting Parrot Pentest?

My biggest struggle is getting the clients I need to continue running my company. We have worked with a lot of non-profit organizations and social media start-ups. They were a lot of fun to work with and we even found stuff they had no idea was a problem!


What have you been working on most recently?

Well, I just recently started bug bounties and made some recon tools to help with that journey one of the tools I made was parrot-recon it’s at github link.  The reason I have decided to start bug bounties is because I think working with technologies I am not used to and working on my methodology will help me become a better hacker.


Do you think organizations are more focused on security now than they were in the past?

To be honest no, I do not think companies and organizations care. Their cyber security budget is small if it is there at all.  there are very few companies who actually care or who are educated on how dangerous having a vulnerable network can be. Many companies rather take a chance on losing millions than pay the small few thousand to get their security checked and tested.


What more do you think needs to be done?

I think there should be a mandatory penetration testing or security assessment requirements for all companies. I also think companies should take cyber security compliance more seriously. It's super reasonable to pay 5-20k$ over losing millions because of a cyber-attack.


What do you think is the best approach to increasing awareness of cybersecurity issues, both in business and in the public?

Educating employees, people of the world, and executives about the dangers of IOT ( internet of things ), out of date OSes and applications. as well as leaving access to physical devices and computers open to potential malicious actors. I also think there should be more education on better password policies and multi factor authentication.

You can also reach out to Ryan for a penetration test or security assessment at:


or contact:




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